Monday, January 16, 2012

The Spouse of the Most Holy Trinity in us, and we in her, and all fullness in Jesus Christ

"I am the Light of the World," says Our Lord. He also says, "You are the Light of the World." A city on a hill, sons and daughters of the Lord God, a pure and chaste Virgin Spouse of Christ, the Body of Christ, the continuance of His mission, heirs to Christ and those called to share in His glory and Divinity, just as He shared in our humanity. And whatever we are, we are the daughters and sons of our Blessed Mother, the Spouse of the Holy Trinity and the True Body of Christ, the Light of the World along with her Divine Son, the Beacon of Sinners and the root of the Priesthood. She, as she stood under the Life-giving Tree, whereon hung the Fruit of the Redemption of her womb, raised her hands to His blessed and holy Feet and held Him there; She, who now dwells within the body and soul of every Priest who assumes her same position with the Blessed Sacrament at every Mass; She, Theotokos, Mother of the Word, Mother of Priesthood, called God as naturally as His Mother into her womb to Assume her and in her all humanity, sinful children of Eve, into the Divine Nature. She, who through the power of the overshadowing Holy Ghost conceived within her womb He whose every moment of existence was Sacrifice; She, who every Priest imitates in whatever way they can imitate her natural Motherhood as small toddlers, who every Priest imitates at the invoking of the Holy Ghost, the Priestly call of the Words of Consecration, and the conception of Christ anew within His Church unto all ages as she subsists within the Virgin Mother with Child. All that we are, anything that we are, in imitation of Him, she is its essence.

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