Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Doctor of the Church, One of Her Greatest Popes, and a Saint beloved of God

'If we knew at what time we were to depart from this world, we would be able to select a season for pleasure and another for repentance. But God, who has promised pardon to every repentant sinner, has not promised us tomorrow. Therefore we must always dread the final day, which we can never foresee. This very day is a day of truce, a day for conversion. And yet we refuse to cry over the evil we have done! Not only do we not weep for the sins we have committed, we even add to them. . . If we are, in fact, now occupied in good deeds, we should not attribute the strength with which we are doing them to ourselves. We must not count on ourselves, because even if we know what kind of person we are today, we do not know what we will be tomorrow. Nobody must rejoice in the security of their own good deeds. As long as we are still experiencing the uncertainties of this life, we do not know what end may follow. . . we must not trust in our own virtues.'
Pope St. Gregory the Great

Pope St. Gregory the Great, pray for us! Pope St. Pius X, pray for us! Venerable Pope Pius XII, pray for us! May God strengthen our current Shepherd, Benedict XVI, and provide for such a saintly Pope as all of you to be given to us in the future.


  1. Every repentant sinner is promised pardon by God, but we are not promised tomorrow...very harrowing words, indeed! I hope that I will heed them and assent to them as I should. Another great quotation to remember during the course of Lent!

  2. As a result of sin, "Dust we are, and to dust we shall return," as the Lord God declares, "Return to dust, O son of man." Christ saved us by His own gracious Will, and we should be careful to remember that we do not presume upon that good will by delaying the repentance that leads to the forgiveness that He has promised through His Sacraments. God bless!