Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Clear Proclamation

Looking to the future, and thinking of the past fifty years after the Second Vatican Council, I am contemplating what is becoming one of my most fervent prayers to Christ, and that is that the next Sovereign Pontiff of the Church of Christ would arise in orthodoxy and strength and Sacred Tradition, and would, as one of his first acts as Supreme Pastor of the Church, publish a syllabus of errors on the various erroneous and divisive opinions of those who have split the Church since Vatican II into factions.

The fact of the matter is that the Office of the Petrine Ministry is primarily about unity- and if there's one thing to be said about Holy Mother Church today, it is that there is no doctrinal unity nor fierce loyalty to the Church. This is precisely because there has been an unbelievable void of dogmatic leadership on the part of the Roman Pontiff in the last fifty years. The Pope is endowed with the charisms of his authority and with solemn infallibility *PRECISELY* for such a time as this- so that he may, in time of doctrinal crisis and disunity, unite the Holy Catholic Church into one dogmatically. For the life of me I cannot fathom why Pope Benedict XVI never published a dogmatic encyclical detailing the exact and proper interpretation of the Second Vatican Council, which would put an end to the rot in the Church by either forcing schism or loyalty; by forcing the members of the Church to choose once and for all between the hermeneutic of continuity, or modernism. He has the ability at any time to enshrine this doctrine of continuity into the Church's Tradition, and defend her Sacred Tradition itself and make the Second Vatican Council to stand authoritatively interpreted on the side of Tradition. I guarantee you, if ever a Roman Pontiff did such a thing, the SSPX would come running to come into full visible unity once again. That's what they desire and long for.

I truly believe that if the Church is ever going to be able to right the ship and come back into full and absolute unity and authority, the only way would be through such a dogmatic interpretation by the Holy Father, or else through an orthodox and dogmatically traditional "Vatican III" council that would infallibly define the proper and Catholic line to walk between Vatican II ideas and Sacred Tradition.

In other words, we need a modern Council of Trent to deal with the New Reformation; the one that sprang from erroneous and sometimes heretical interpretations of the Sacred Documents of the Second Vatican Council.

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