Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meditation on Mother Mary

One of the things that I think most powerful about Blessed Mary Ever-Virgin is her profound humility, and the weakness that God showed within her womb. Imagine! God, as a Holy Infant only a few weeks and months old, less, even; as Pope Pius XII said: Immediately following her generous fiat, the Heart of Jesus, ever to be Adored, beat with love Divine and human. The mystery is that God has chosen the weakness of this world to shame the strong, and the glory is that Mary is transformed into the same Image as Christ our God from glory to glory, in the mystery of the Body and Spirit they share. In the mysterious silence and weakness of those first few weeks and months of her Divine Maternity, is embodied the Infinite Strength of God in absolute and perfect weakness and obscurity (just like the Lord Jesus in the Tabernacles and on the Altars of ever Catholic Church), the ultimate Communion with God in both Body and Spirit (a union we all aspire to in the Eucharist), and the perfect marriage of God to humanity. Mystery of mysteries. It's beyond awe-inspiring. It is transforming, its power is revolutionary, to the overthrowing of the devil and all evil and the creation of love and sensitivity and quietude within the heart of man, who is ever intent on keeping himself too busy, and bent on being sacrilegious, stuck in apathy, and mired in perpetual hardness of heart.

Peering into the Heart of Mary, I see Jesus perfectly, God and man. I see in Mary the living temple of the living God. Delving deep into the Heart of Mary, I see Someone Else; I see her Beauty, I see Jesus our God living in the humanity of Mary, and embodying that humanity in His Person and Ministry and Death and Resurrection; Exploring the Infinite Abyss of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I see Mary living in Him, in the Infinite Heart of God, in the unfathomable Love of the Inseparable and Unfathomable Trinity. 'The Two, God and Mary, have become one Body, one Spirit,' bearing us, the Church, in the depth of their shared being and unity, as their Body, and sharing their Spirit with us.

May Almighty God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, bless us all both in this life and the next. May he restore His Church which He purchased with the Blood of Christ His Son, and purify her to her former glory. May He receive our dead. Amen.

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