Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Abortion: Removing the Happy Dreams Veil

I was thinking the other day and I couldn't help but write this out because it was bothering me really badly. I still may not be writing for awhile after this, but it was really bothering me enough to write it down so that it's out there in the world. God protect the unborn, and keep them forever in the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and humanity.

If you haven't already noticed, one of my M.O.'s in philosophy is to take ideas and conceptions of reality out to their logical conclusion, conceptions from both atheism and theism. The reason I do this is because I find more and more that people in the West have utter blinders on regarding what the ideas and practices that they subscribe to and support actually mean in the long run. To quote St. Thomas Aquinas, ideas most certainly do have consequences, and it is precisely those consequences that I wish to constantly shed light on. Filling in this sorely neglected area of a rational worldview, that of perceiving not just what ideas and practices purport on the surface, but the actual, deep things that they say about a man or woman's perception of reality, I believe makes all sorts of issues really pop out at you. They suddenly make sense because you can see the underlying philosophy behind them.

Take abortion for example. Abortion has profound consequences that fall from it regarding how you regard human nature. You can't simply support abortion without also, as a consequence, supporting what it entails in the realm of human dignity and worth. The only way for one to live an honest life is to examine and probe out the logical consequences of your positions and beliefs, and see if you can stomach them as they really look, with the veil of superficiality taken away. This is essentially what abortion means: If you support abortion, you're supporting a philosophy of human nature that is utilitarian, horrifyingly dangerous to the human race and all civilization, and truly unbearable for any sane and rational person to hold. If it is moral and right to kill an infant in the womb, then the logical consequences follow that every human life begins in worthlessness and entirely devoid of intrinsic value, intrinsic to the very nature of being a human being. In this immoral construct of the world, even your own life, and the life of every adult, begins in this state of utter meaninglessness. This has three main consequences that make it horrifying to sane human beings who have thought it through:

1) It means that the only worth that counts in human life is the worth of the strong: mentally strong, physically strong, strong of personality. The children killed in the womb have no worth because they are not fully functioning, adult human beings who are developed and capable of doing something constructive. In other words, they're weak and small and at a stage of lesser development and therefore are worthless and capable of being murdered and thrown away like a wart removed from the skin. In this construct of reality there is no rational basis for mercy or love that transcends harsh survivalism, and anyone who supports abortion and still is living in a happy dream of a world in which there is a place for mercy for the weak for mercy's sake, or recognizing inherent value in a human being simply for being a human being without that man or woman having to justify their own value or worth based on their strength, just hasn't lifted the veil and looked at the horrible consequences of supporting abortion. The fact is they have bought into a lie, the lie that is pervasive in our culture today that is undermining our very humanity, our deepest and most cherished gut beliefs about human nature that is so taken for granted that reasonable Americans don't realize that it has to be defended. We have to wake up and realize that culture and society in Western Civilization are eroding under our feet, and this false view of human nature is one of the main reasons.

2) It means that it is only a matter of time before this utilitarian morality to spread to other justifications for the murder of human beings, particularly by the State. Utilitarian morality is essentially the idea in the modern world that the only worth that counts is what you can do, or what strength you possess. It means, essentially, that there is no such thing as intrinsic worth or dignity in a man or woman, and that all human worth derives from certain acknowledged strengths that they possess. Notice the critical word acknowledged. Whatever parameters that are set in place to define who is a human person and who is not must be acknowledged by someone stronger than the weaker of the species being examined and evaluated (Orwellian language deliberately employed there). This means that the stronger play God to the terrifying extent that simply by virtue of being the stronger party, you can define the worth of another human being; indeed, entire groups or classes of human beings. This is disgusting, repugnant to any sane man, and absolutely dangerous because it means that the State, for example, is right simply because they are stronger than the citizenry. It means that Hitler, Stalin, Mau, Mussolini, and Pol Pot were all right simply by virtue of being stronger than those millions of human beings that they murdered, and that whatever worth they acknowledged or didn't acknowledge was 'right' by virtue of strength. Don't believe me? Think about this: in abortion and the philosophy surrounding it, you are patterning and employing this horrific idea by projecting either affirmation of worth or condemnation and denial of value onto an infant, and the law provides you with a concrete, physical choice of which of those two you are going to recognize and acknowledge in the weak infant, being the stronger party. I have heard casually pro-choice Americans have such an illogical disconnect from reality that they will at the same time hail a woman aborting their unwanted (and unacknowledged) infant in a later period of pregnancy as their right and lavish them with praise for having done so, and then turn around and call an wanted and acknowledged infant, born at the same period as a premature infant, that survives, a miracle. Same period of development in the infants, same everything, except for the acknowledgment or lack thereof from the stronger party, the parents, of the worth that the infant possesses. My friends, this is madness. Wake up and start thinking critically once more, and make some hard decisions about what you believe, and why, before Western society and culture goes entirely down the drain and the process is no longer in your hands. It may not be in our hands even now, for those in power in the State consistently echo this horrific thinking.

Mark this with absolute certainty: No human civilization, particularly a democratic republic like America, can long survive with this sort of value system where worth must be acknowledged by the stronger in order for the weaker to be truly worthy of living; where 'all men are created equal' is relegated to fairy-tale status; where there is no humble human acknowledgment of the sacred mystery of the human person possessing value inherently, God-given moral worth. In the case of the unborn infants, this strength that they lack is development. They are humans at an early stage of development, and therefore, they lack that strength of development to justify their existence in the eyes of adults, the stronger party. In the case of the elderly and those who are mentally in their dotage, who are going to be the next class of the weaker to be targeted as a drain on society, the strength they lack is once again developmental. They have developed too far, and are weak and vulnerable, and of no utilitarian worth whatsoever. Their existence cannot be justified any more than an infant's can, for some of them have been reduced to an infant or a toddler's existence, therefore they are not worthy of life. Any man or woman of any decency whatsoever who has looked into the eyes of a grandparent or parent who has Alzheimer's Disease knows that in the mystery of human existence, they are persons and worthy of life and a dignified, natural death inherently and intrinsically. It's time to wake up and realize that this abhorrent insanity has taken over the West; the inmates are running the asylum. Our law and cultural consciousness both employ this exact insanity and embody it in various ways, which is the guaranteed beginning of a hemorrhage that will continue to bleed more profusely into every corner of our civilization until, like an acid, it eats away at the pillars of that human civilization too much and the whole building collapses into chaos.You don't have to be a brilliant philosopher to realize that this does not stop at the elderly and infants of society. There is no stopping this disgusting attitude from sweeping through to the infirm, the young, the older, the mentally ill, the handicapped, the less intelligent, even those who differ in viewpoint from whoever happens to be the strongest in society, usually the State. There can only be two sure and stable positions you can take on human nature: either human beings are endowed with the mystery of being the image of God from conception, in possession of inherent dignity and rights simply by being human, or no-one has guaranteed dignity or rights. Any middle position will gravitate toward the 'no-one' side because the lines inevitably get blurred and obfuscated by those who have an interest to do so (Planned Parenthood comes to mind).

This is as slippery a moral slope as one could ever imagine sitting on. It is not surprising therefore that just recently this insidious worldview is proposing, via some so-called 'medical ethicists' (talk about cruel irony!) in the West, that parents should have the right to murder a disabled, or weak, infant up to a certain number of months after birth; also included in this proposition of what is being termed 'post-birth abortion' (there is that Orwellian language again! it has a habit of popping up from sick minds to obfuscate the lines in the sand that are being washed away daily in the conscience of Western society) are the killing of even healthy infants for no reason beyond that the parents, the stronger, desire it to be done. It's no longer, "Thy Will be done," it's My Will Be Done, even to the point of trespassing on another human life. The stronger rules the weaker and defines whatever pseudo-meaning will be acknowledged in humanity.

3) Ultimately, from a metaphysical perspective, abortion is truly removing the happy dreams veil by acknowledging that nothing, not even the strong, have any ultimate meaning at all. We all come from the womb universally, and we all go to the same womb of the earth (cf. Ecclesiasticus 40:1), even the temporarily strong. If you are willing to acknowledge as your guiding life philosophy that all men begin in meaninglessness, and all men end in meaninglessness (since meaning and worth is being defined as strength or a functional development state), and have no other worth besides what they can materially justify their existence with, then you're acknowledging that even the apparent meaning of strength in between is futile, cruel, and an illusion. You're declaring that, at the end of the day, all human life is meaningless and any appearances to the contrary are happy illusory dreams that pass away like a shadow as the sun falls. Your children are meaningless, they only have the meaning you assign them. You are meaningless, you only have the worth that the State assigns you. The State is meaningless, it has no worth besides what it enforces itself as having by it's strength, and since empires crumble and fall in the course of time, it too has no meaning at all. Ultimately, only death is Omnipotent. If you do not acknowledge God and the image of God in man from conception, then from a metaphysical perspective, nothing means anything at all, not love nor hate, nor children of any age, nor spouses, nor your very life.

This was originally a pagan concept of life before Catholicism built Western Civilization upon Judeo-Christian ideas like the universal worth of man, and the concept of man being created in the image of God: prior, it was often thought that you come from nothing, go to nothing, and everything in between is nothing; therefore, "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die" (1st Corinthians 15:32, in which St. Paul compares pagan philosophy of life to Christian philosophy of life). This has every imaginable consequence on both society as a whole and on your own life, because it means that, ultimately, the only way to live honestly is to stop deluding yourself, follow your actions and beliefs through to their logical end, and never, ever be dishonest enough to think or say or act like you, your spouse, your mother and father, your children, heck your pets or animals matter one iota at all. The problem is that this is abolishing your humanity in the process; it is another extension of what C.S. Lewis perfectly described as the abolition of man. You humanity is sort of like a large building built on pillars and walls resting on a foundation. The Foundation is God, and the pillars and walls upholding the building represent the logical consequences that flow from belief in God. These logical consequences are the fundamental ideas that flow from our very being as human beings, that are the clearest evidence for the existence of God precisely because they are so counterintuitive to the way nature works, so contrary to the law of the strong; ideas and concepts that could not have any worth or merit or true existence unless they find their place in the relationship between God and his image in man that enlightens him to eternal permanency and real existence. These ideas include universal human value, mercy on the weaker for mercy's sake, unconditional love defined as the willing of the good of another without any recompense of good to yourself, moral systems of good and evil, value judgments of perfect, and many other concepts. All of these are what I would like to call the divine in man, the proof of his radical difference in nature from all of the rest of creation, and ultimately, if you accept this humanity, you accept God. If you accept God, you accept this humanity. They are intrinsically linked, and when you realize their unity of being, God and our highest and most inexplicably divine human nature, you have discovered the image of God in man. My point is this: ultimately, abortion implies an image of humanity devoid of meaning and worth, and by accepting the logical consequences of abortion, you are knocking down the pillars and walls of man's humanity, including disavowing the existence of his image and the metaphysical source of that image. Consequently, all of the house of cards that is human existence and our humanity inevitably come crashing down, for nothing has any support or causality anymore. This is universally true, from society as a whole down to you and I in our personal lives. But if we acknowledge God, and the image of God in man as intrinsic worth and value, everything flows from there and man is supported with causality in his entire being.

Above all, I am calling all to take seriously this one truth: all ideas and concepts have consequences, and ultimately, only a firm belief in God can give even a shred of hope in any worth for man, or for society as a whole. The only way to function as a human being or as a society is by acknowledging God, and the divine image in man, and by following through in honesty and acknowledging the sacredness of all human life. The problem with our age is, I believe, ultimately one of cynicism and arrogance. Modern man has an epidemic of both, and they cause him to question and rethink all that man has always believed and held sacred, to the suicide of their very humanity. Cynicism in particular has overshadowed the West for decades, ever since the enlightenment, that causes him to forget these basic truths and cause him to doubt basic humanity. Return to humility, and a simple acknowledgement of God as the only hope for us to preserve our own humanity, which is intrinsically linked to Him in its being.

May God bless us all and preserve us from self-destructive ideas and actions.


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    1. You bet! Nothing less than our humanity at stake. Barbarism is eroding it at a pretty good clip now - which calls for posts like this.

  2. The points that you made in #s 1 and 2 above reminded me of what I read by George Bernard Shaw regarding the policies he thought should be implemented in the world to bring about a new order (utopia). He belonged to a society called the Fabian Socialists which strongly avowed the rights of the government to exterminate the undesireables in whatever sense they chose to employ the word.

    The interesting thing here is that this is what life is without the supernatural virtue of charity. Man can see the natural law, as carved on his heart, man can see the revelations of God and believe either by a natural virtue of faith (conceived by hearing) or a supernatural virtue of faith (given as a gift from God, first in baptism), but without the supernatural virtue of charity it is EXTREMELY difficult for a man to rise above the ravages of original sin and act for the sake of another (1 Cor. 13:1-13).

    The consequence of this lacking in the supernatural virtue of charity is what you are observing: people failing to judge consequences of thoughts and actions, the strong preying upon the weak, the unborn being murdered in the wombs of their mothers, etc. I applaud that you've looked into this, Jonathan, and that you take the care to go to the extremes to see what something actually "means," that is, what these concepts and actions actually alter in the life of an individual. That without meaning has no effect...but these issues that you are looking into have an obviously marked effect on both the lives of the individuals and society as a whole.

    I hope that you make progress through whatever it is that you are battling! Remember it is Our Lady whom the hordes of hell fear the invoke her name often when you are troubled! Take care!