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Catholic Philosophical Musings - interlude to Human Existence parts One and Two

Disclaimer: I am under twenty years old, an amateur at philosophy; I bear no imprimatur, nor any ecclesiastical approval; none of this is guaranteed to be right, I'm simply using my blog as an outlet for my thoughts about life and human existence. If I hit on even 75% of the Truth, with 25% error mixed in, so be it. Take it for what it's worth, hopefully it stimulates the mind if nothing else. If I say anything that is clear contrary to any infallibly defined article of Catholic Faith (aka Heresy), tell me, and I will correct myself, and gladly. God bless~

(The following is based on a correspondence I held with a fellow on YouTube, with added text to make it more blog-able)

(Him) "You guys are all very confused, there is no god."

(Me) "Say goodbye to all meaning and truth, then. The only way to get by in one's life while believing there is no God is to live dishonestly, because if there is no God that means that the ultimate end of all things, all endeavors, and all human ideas whatsoever is nothingness. If the ultimate end of anything you think, do, feel, or hold to is that all of those things came from nothing and go to nothing, then your entire life and very person are illusions, and your very statement there is an illusion.

Hence it's a nonsense statement to say there is no God, since if there is nothing transcendent and nothing at all like God, it renders your statement utterly meaningless and absurd, and an illusion; coming from nothing, filtered through electrical impulses and chemicals in your brain, manifested through the illusory dream of consciousness, and going to die, with you, in nothingness, the nothingness that was there all along and ignored. Morbid? You bet. God is as real as we are, literally; as real as the human race. Why? Because our entire basis of thinking at all, of using Reason, is based entirely on objectivity and a fixed and transcendent point. If you take away mankind's ability to Reason to true reality, you've taken away his ability to identify meaning, truth, goodness; you've lowered him to the level of an animal, and yet, something hideously worse than an animal, because he would still be conscious of his incessant insanity and disfunction of mind that compels him to THINK about anything and everything. A man who no longer believe in Reason to reality based on the fixed point of God has taken away both his ability to be fully human or even fully animal; hence it follows by natural consequence that the only existence possible to man is one in which he acknowledges some kind of transcendent God.

Remember: there is no room in pure evolution for love or truth. Take away love and truth from humanity, and congratulations, you have created the supernatural; you have created a race of conscious devils who are neither man nor beast, but pure evil, pure ego, pure 'self,' pure subjective. There is no viable path back to become animals, only the incessant striving forward to the infinite and to God, whether one likes it or not. Otherwise, stop thinking altogether, for man is thus rendered inexplicable and there is no answer to the questions you ask.

All human thought must have the fixed point of transcendence, of some sort of God, or it collapses into absurdity and gibberish. Value judgments become absurd, truth statements like "There is no God" become absurd because there is no truth or error, just nothingness and illusions of being and causality.
This isn't all just big-worded philosophy, it's the heart of life, and it is the truth. And if it is the truth, and not absurdity like all other statements, then God has to exist.

Here's another way to look at it: if there is no transcendent God, and only a subjective and illusory universe, then even in that case I argue mankind still would have to believe in God. Why? Because that would mean that the human mind had evolved to be utterly contradictory to, and incompatible with, our universe. The only truth we would be capable of knowing and understanding would be self-defined human truth, what we've inherited in the bubble of the human race, including spirituality and religious thought. Objectivity regarding the Actual State of the universe exterior to the human mind would be rendered impossible. An analogy would be fitting here: the human mind itself would be like an immutable wall to any sort of exterior reality, incapable of processing or making sense of anything outside of the system of fixed-point objective thought that has evolved within it to enable human beings to survive. Hence, if God does exist, we ought to believe in Him. If He does not exist exteriorly but only in human thought, we still ought to believe in Him, since He would turn out to be the sum total of human thought, and not exterior to our thought, but its only basis for functioning whatsoever; rejection of the God-concept within human thought would then amount to suicide of thought. None of my reasoning is invalid; if it seems a dishonest and absurd statement to say that even if God doesn't exist we ought to believe in Him, get used to it; in an atheistic system, as I've already explained, all is absurd and all thoughts and statements are dishonest, being based on no truth whatsoever.

At the end of the day, as a human person, to assert anything as definitively, objectively true, even your own existence, is to assert God's objective existence as the fixed point of absolute Being that you've based your truth assertion on. To say "I am" is to echo God's definitive "I Am;" you've discovered the Image of God in man, the Reason that enlightens every many coming in the world (John 1:1-14).

As one final added point: if you've read this, and you've reasoned, and you've evaluated, and decided that there is even one point of objective Truth in this essay, you've decided that an objective and transcendent God exists without even realizing it. How's that for Truth?

Lord, help us to wake up from our insanity. Have mercy on the West."

In a society like ours today, these things need to be said, in order to prompt people to think about themselves and about God. We've never needed the Catholic Truth of Faith and Reason more than in 21st century Western Civilization.

Veritatis Splendor!

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  1. Atheism and absurdity do go hand-in-hand, unfortunately. It is comical to see that the very appellation "atheist" is the negation of the existence of any being which is true. Any atheist to whom I've pointed this out is never impressed. He typically sees it as a "chicken or egg" argument, which it is not.

    Nice blog post... :) I enjoyed reading it.