Wednesday, May 2, 2012


In the human person and in God the support of the human mind.

In the reality and wholeness of humanity in body and soul, with God as the causal basis for his soul and body, oriented with soul ruling body, and God ruling soul.

In all morality that flows from that belief in the human person and human wholeness, in God his causal support.

In the basis of society which is love for God, love for men, and authentic families open to life and love and beauty and sacrificial love.

In authentic love that transcends death as the center and vindication of all that the human soul believes, hopes for, hungers after, and aspires to.

In the historical, spiritual, and religious authenticity of the Roman Catholic Church. I believe in her official teachings as being divinely revealed truth, and I believe her Scriptures to be divine and whole and spiritually profound, revealing the truth of God.

I believe the Roman Catholic Church is the basis of Western Civilization, and in the war against her in our age I am on Her side, as I am on the side of the Pope.

I believe the life philosophy and worldview of the Roman Catholic Church and the perfect society she embodies is all beautiful and all pure, and worthy of defending to the last breath. This is not to say the actions of all of the one billion people who claim to be Roman Catholics are always beautiful or always pure, even members of the Clergy, even the Vicar of Christ, who I swear allegiance to and whose will I shall support, laud, and commit myself to the execution of in all things saving that which is manifestly scandalous to the Church of God and Catholic Truth (as supported by St. Thomas Aquinas and Pope Innocent III) such as kissing a Qur’an (Bl. Pope John Paul II), bowing toward Mecca (Bl. Pope John Paul II), or genuflecting in veneration toward a pretended Protestant altar upon which the Lamb does not reside in Eucharistic Presence (Pope Benedict XVI), and the like.

In my personal philosophy, which is oriented toward the belief in the reality of the metaphysically transcendent, the orientation of all things under it toward this fundamental logos in which all truth and being resides, in which all creation participates in and is held together by, and where the human person finds where he fits in the cosmic dance both in soul and in body.

I believe in natural law, which also mandates a specific masculine and feminine character of person morality, both physical and spiritual human life, and that aligning the human person to this logos of being makes healthy, joyous men, women, children, and a society progressing toward the mark of perfection that we all must strive for.

I believe it is a moral failure to transgress this natural law relating to masculine and feminine being.

I believe in objective truth, objective morality, and objective goodness, and objective beauty.

I believe in degrees of perfection, and I believe that there is right way to live, and that we are all pilgrims who hold out hope against hope that we, who seem so lost at times, will find the perfection this right way to live and align our being to it in love and truth.

I believe that our age and our youth have become so cynical that we hemorrhaging our own humanity, which cries out for these ideals to be the foundation of ourselves and our society, and that this cynicism is a rot on society and a moral failing that is rotting out our society and the human person from the inside out.

I believe that man is of his very essence a religious and a metaphysical being; that is, that his disposition, reason, morality, love, and belief in degrees of perfection and in hoping for societal progress is so universally oriented to God, to the concept of the Divine, that to remove him from that context, either personally or corporately, is as pointlessly and irrationally destructive as attempting to remove human reason and critical thinking from humanity. As mankind, trying to find a truth outside of this basic frame of reference, the reference to the Divine, is as meaningless and pointlessly destructive as trying to breathe water in while swimming in the ocean and thinking you will live, because meaning, constructive points, distinction, and truth itself, all essential to human thought, have no existence outside of God. God and man are joined and so closely bound that the very human concept of truth itself is lost when venturing out of the frame of reference that the metaphysical and Divine give us. What is the point of leaving the only possible truth in the supposed pursuit of truth? Only God can justify or give human meaning, causality, and human reason to even refusing to believe in God, otherwise believing and refusing to believe are equally meaningless and neither is more true than the other.

I believe that Truth divides by its very nature, as did Our Lord, and I believe that tolerance of the kind that anathematizes having the audacity to believe anything as authentically true is relativism, which is self-contradictory, a logical absurdity, and a deconstruction of all meaning down to a grey, distinction-less soup that abolishes the human soul, such that even the very word “tolerance” loses its meaning because it opposes “intolerance” by its very nature, which is contradictory to its attempted essence of tolerance toward every concept that enters the heart of man. Leading a life that takes that to its logical end is a life wherein the very concept of a logical end is made to mean nothing whatsoever, as it abolishes all definition, distinction, and truth. Such a human life is a life wasted, and is manifestly more wretchedly horrid than any conflict that may arise because two groups of people believe differently.

I, as a man, believe in honor, virtue, strength, fortitude, sacrificial love, and the veneration and protection of women and children as the fundamental attributes of a chivalrous, decent man that serves as the pillar of his wife and children, the pillar of his Church, and pillar of his society. I believe and pursue the picture of sacrificial dignity, strength manifested in authentic masculine love, manly virtue in all things, a rejection of base human concupiscence, fortitude in purpose and in the Church militant striving toward our last end, and the honoring of a woman’s purity, beauty, and femininity, as the lost art at the heart of a knight, and as the necessary disposition of a Roman Catholic husband, father, and son of the Church.

I believe in heartily opposing those who do not align to the Catholic Faith with masculine firmness and fervor,  while being careful to do so in charity and with the universal kindness and respect and honor that Our Lord calls us to. Moreover, I believe in a particularly strong and willful opposition to the deconstructionist of humanity, and those who would abolish mankind's soul by employing relativism, abolishing degrees of perfection, opposing the virtue of religion, and the like.

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