Friday, May 25, 2012

Holy Theotokos, More Spacious Than The Heavens

The chant, in English:

"It is truly right to bless thee, O Theotokos,
ever blessed, and most Pure, and the Mother of our God.
More honorable than the cherubim, and beyond compare more glorious than the seraphim.
Without corruption thou gavest birth to God the Word.
True Theotokos, we magnify thee."
- From the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Hail Mary, true Church, true Bride of the Holy Trinity, true Body of Christ! Hail, City of God, Throne of the King, Temple of the Spirit; Queen of Apostles and Queen of Israel, Hail! Our destination, and our joy, may we find Christ our God in you at our end.

The meaning of the Byzantine Catholic phrase "More Spacious Than The Heavens" lies in the fact that Mary All-Holy is a world, nay, a cosmos to herself, THE cosmos, the decisive New Creation that her Son shares in, in His human nature. Under various types, the Scriptures reveal her as the New Jerusalem, the Church Herself, wherein God dwells and makes Himself present. In her womb is the Paradise, the Garden, where she, the Last Eve, and the Last Adam communed for nine months in union unspeakable, wherein by Grace there was no hint of the serpent nor stain of sin. She is the one who we will dwell in forever, as we contemplate the Face of Christ our God. She is the one who even now can be found in the heart of all Catholics, for we are members of her, sharing her relationship with the Triune God, spiritually, and physically by being the Body of Christ in her.

Did God ever say to one of the angels, You are my Son, I have begotten you this day? And again, He shall find in me a Father, and I in him a Son? Why, when the time comes for bringing his first-born into the world anew, then, he says, Let all the angels of God worship before him.
- Hebrews 1:5-6

And the Temple of God was opened in Heaven, and there was seen in his temple the Ark of his testament... And there appeared a great wonder in Heaven; a Woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars...
- Revelation 11:19; 12:1


  1. This was beyond beautiful. I am really just beginning to fall madly in love with our Blessed Mother after many years of struggling to understand her and her role. God is indeed good, and He is indeed faithful.

    I have just found your blog after reading your remarkable comments on Fr. Z's blog...I am SO unspeakably happy to have you in the Church...welcome home brother! You're a gust of fresh air and a ray of have the charism of a mystic, and your blog is truly a thing of beauty. I can't wait to inform my friends about it! God bless you, and I GREATLY look forward to reading (savoring) it all over the next few weeks.

    God is using you for great good...may He continue to enlighten and bless you.

    susan, a sister in Christ.

    1. Susan, your comment is what is beyond beautiful :) I'm sure that you can imagine how much I relate to your struggles. Part of the problem I always went through was the fact that there was a bit of a concept and language barrier with Catholicism regarding the Blessed Mother. It took a lot of praying and lot of guidance by the Holy Spirit, and a lot of mulling over before I could really search out the connections between the person of Mary and the rest of the Faith. I'm grateful to Jesus Christ that He has brought you along so faithfully to be able to share in the love He has for His beautiful Mother, and to live in the love that binds their Hearts in a union unspeakable.

      Thank you so much for your encouraging comments, and thank you for your welcome! I created this blog mainly for the sake of having an outlet where I could write down the mystical, spiritual, religious, philosophical, and theological thoughts that dawn on me daily; an outlet in which I could spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, encourage my fellow brothers and sisters in the Catholic Faith, as well as perhaps jot down the notes of what may one day turn into a book ;) with God all things are possible.

      Be blessed as well, Susan, sister in Christ and daughter of Mary :) I look forward to hearing from you again sometime soon, and I will add you to my prayers.

  2. I catechize 6th graders about the Platytera. It's a great concept that plays well to their active imaginations: