Friday, May 18, 2012

Let us Analyze the West...

This poster shows us the line in the sand. Mark this carefully: ordinary, good people have an inherent idea of value and morality based on a notion of God in their sense of reality. There are some people in this world, a growing number of people in our age, who would look at this poster and see weakness. They would have as their 'reality' a sense of 'morality' that is constituted of utilitarianism, bereft of any reference to the Transcendent or Absolute, characterized only by how strong, capable, developed, evolved, or powerful an individual is; in other words, the ones who can declare and show their worth through word, action, and ability have a right to that worth. Anyone else has to be given that worth by those with superior power and development than those weak. Gone is the understanding that all men are equal in dignity and worth by virtue of an intrinsic, spiritual and physical value, as is natural considering you can only justify this by a profound Faith in God as the Transcendence interacting with the human person. As the West lost Faith through cynicism, skepticism, and rationalism, so went our own humanity, until we have rotted to this point. 

This is new philosophy, the aforementioned and previously described, is the philosophy that is widely accepted in the medical community, as well as that philosophy which has invaded law, societal norms, cultural conscience, and the great thinkers and politicians in the West. It fuels abortion, euthanasia, post-birth abortion, a lack of a sense of purpose, and the general sense of meaninglessness that pervades the modern view of man. Until we as the sane ones understand what we are up against, until we understand that the inmates of the asylum are out and making our laws, and moving and shaking Western Civilization, we will never have a chance at stopping this disintegration of our conscience and worldview; this collective suicide of our humanity. If you feel even the slightest bit of your conscience troubled by this poster, understand the philosophy behind it, and fight it in our world.

We can no longer simply be dumbly moving along, content in our own sanity and our own sense of God and of value. We must be strong, men, with the support of strong women. We must not bury our heads in the sand, and ignore the hierarchy of power in Western society, culture, and law that has lost its humanity while losing its God. Be a crusader for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, who is aware of the enemies working against the Three Transcendents, decency and morality.

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