Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Spirit praises the Bride, and she returns all glory; Eternal Union

Come, O Holy Spirit, and let my speech overlap yours. I know you never cease to express your love and praise to your mysteriously intimate one, Mary your Bride; allow me, unworthy vessel, to proclaim the truth regarding her person.

"Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you," says the Lord. The Kingdom of God is within the Blessed Virgin Mary, and may I ever dwell in your Kingdom, my Lady. She is Queen over the Kingdom within her Heart, and all your subjects, O King, fall under the shade of her pleasant shadow and the protection of her cloak. Your Kingdom, O God, within Mary is pleasant; the fertile and fruitful hills thereof echo with waves of overwhelming Grace. When I gaze upon Mary, I see the only Heaven I desire to dwell in. I seek no other paradise and no other City, than that Heavenly one within her Heart, for nowhere else does God dwell than in the New Jerusalem, the Heavenly person of Mary, the eternal dwelling of the saved. For behold, I will show you the Bride of the Triune God, resplendent with glorious light, and the kings of the earth bring their glory into her. The Twelve Stars in her Crown and the Twelve Foundations of her City are the Twelve Tribes and Twelve Apostles of the Lamb, and they are fitted as lively stones into Mary, the Temple of God, she who is the fulness of the mystery; the Church and Israel. There they offer to Christ our God their very being for all eternity and contemplate His Face, in union with the Virgin made Church.

But how, O Virgin of Virgins, shall I contemplate you, the dwelling-place of God? How do you relate to the Spirit and the Son and the Father? You are the mystery of mysteries that I will never unravel. Permit me to contemplate the fire of the Godhead burning through you, a Burning Bush, ever burning but never consumed. For I see the Spirit echo a mighty voice through you, I see all the actions of the Spirit communicated through you as a Sacrament. I am seeing you echo the character of the Spirit, and you are present in all of the Paraclete's works. For behold, before all ages, the Divine and Eternal Immaculate Conception, the Holy Spirit, was the flowing forth of pure Love, conceived from the infinite Love of the Father and the Son. And then you are created, O full of Grace; upon your advent into this world, you are from the moment of your Hallowed Beginning the Immaculate Conception, being perfectly transparent to the Eternal Immaculate Conception. For like the Spirit you overflow with the Love of God mingled with your own, and from the purity of your Love God was born of you. Again, in another place, the Holy Spirit speaks from Eternity, and you echo the refrain: "I am the Mother of Fair Love, all the Grace of the Way and the Truth and the Life is within me;" and again of your Divine Maternity, "Wisdom has prepared a Table." Whatsoever the Spirit says, you say as well. Wheresoever the Spirit goes, there you are present. And whatever the Holy Spirit does, most perfectly expressed in the Divine Maternity, even so are you intimately involved, O Mother of God. For being born of you both, God became man. The fragrance of the Holy Spirit is Marian, and the fragrance of Mary is the Holy Spirit; your characters and roles, Spirit and Bride, are to one impact and one end, that is, the entrance of God the Son into human nature, and in that nature, the whole of the cosmos.

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