Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Souls of the Martyrs and the Bodies of the Martyrs

And when he broke the fifth seal, I saw there, beneath the Altar, the souls of all who had been slain for love of God's word and of the truth they held, crying out with a loud voice, Sovereign Lord, the holy, the true, how long now before you will sit in judgement, and exact vengeance for our blood from all those who dwell on earth? Whereupon a white robe was given to each of them, and they were bidden to take their rest a little while longer, until their number had been made up by those others, their brethren and fellow-servants, who were to die as they had died.- Revelation 6:9-11

Why do you suppose that every single Catholic Altar must be consecrated with the relic of a Saint? Why do you think that at every Traditional Latin Mass the Priest kisses the Altar, both in reverence for the Throne of the Lamb Slain, and out of reverence to the relics contained therein? The Catholic Mass is none other than Heaven on Earth; it is a participation in the Divine and Heavenly worship that goes on in Heaven. We see pictured here a vision of an Altar in Heaven, beneath which the souls of the Martyrs cry out to God for justice. The white robes of their righteousness gleam in the Light of Christ, the true Light of the world. Everything in the Mass corresponds to a Heavenly reality, and the physical relics are meant to tie in to the souls of the Martyrs in Heaven, declaring the connection, even in death, that the physical bodies of the Saints have with their souls, and declaring the Resurrection. When we come to eat of that Altar, when the Sacrifice is offered on it, it is offered in union with that great Heavenly Sacrifice, and the Church was guided by the Holy Spirit in everything regarding the Mass. For awhile, in the times of persecution, the Catholics offered the Sacrifice of the Eucharist on the tombs of the Martyrs in the Catacombs, which is served as the Priest's Altars; bringing this prediction in Revelation to fulfillment.

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