Saturday, August 18, 2012

You Have to See This to Believe It...

Talk about disgusting... This is the rational end of the sexual revolution and playing God with human nature through things like contraception, abortion, IVF, stem-cell research, etc. If we can tweak one small aspect of human nature in reproduction, why not change all of it? After all, there's no such thing as natural, and there's no such thing as a right or wrong change according to her, so go ahead and put the development of human life completely in the hands of human beings. Divorce it from gender and make gender obsolete.

The amazing thing to me is that people like this don't truly respect the body or respect nature, they respect the human will. They seem secular and as if they lack religion, but they have their own system of beliefs, where they view it as the duty of the human being to control our own evolution and existence through technology with our will. This is an all-encompassing worldview that needs to be challenged, fast, with the philosophy of sanity that is Catholicism: Respect for gender, respect for nature, respect for the human person together with his or her body, and respect for reproduction. To do any less is to be unhappy with our nature as human beings, and I'll take human nature over artificial copies of nature any day.


  1. I think I've been left mostly, well, speechless....

    1. Isn't it just sickening? It's disgusting to imagine that someone could do the research to write an entire book on such a topic and not be disgusted; far from it, she finds it natural. Notice the logic: There is no natural distinction of difference within human life, nor complementarity. There is not even a distinction between human life and animal life, nor between organic life and dead matter. G.K. Chesterton addressed this in "Orthodoxy," he said that evolution can either be a biological, scientific description, or a worldview that is an attack on Reason itself because it posits only one "thing": an ever-evolving mass of organic life with no positive distinction within it.